Tereza Litsa

7 January 2016

Are long posts dead?

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The struggle is real: when was the last time you read a long post?


In the era of social media, attention span, and visual posts, you might feel that longer texts are becoming extinct. We are all used in creating short content as fast as possible, which makes it even more difficult to stay focused and write a longer text.

However, against all odds, longer posts are not dead.

Being surrounded by pictures, gifs, videos and infographics, creates a visual environment that we all enjoy, despite the still-existing need for longer texts. The trend of visual content will continue to thrive, but this will also increase the need for longer texts that do not depend on visual enhancement, but only on the content itself. Minimal blogs are very popular lately, while sites like Medium created an even bigger need for long and interesting content.

We might have discovered the importance of transmitting a message in less than 140 characters, but this doesn’t mean that our written communication should only be limited to this length. Even if you sometimes find it hard to read a longer post, it’s never too late to train yourself to stay focused and spend the required time to read an insightful post.

Be careful, a longer text is not necessarily more interesting than a shorter one.

The number of words is not a proof of its quality, which means that if you feel that you’ve covered a topic, adding words will only make it boring.

And this also applies when reading posts. If you don’t enjoy reading longer posts, then maybe you haven’t discovered interesting enough sources to spend the necessary time to read them. Trust me, when you find the sites and authors that you can’t stop reading, then you won’t even realise how fast the reading time passes!

I have started a Twitter list named ‘Interesting Read‘ with sites that are worth reading, even if they sometimes post longer texts. I would love to hear your suggestions and expand this list into our best daily reads!

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