Tereza Litsa

6 September 2016

How B2B brands excel on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is the primary marketing platform for B2B brands, as it offers many opportunities for promotion, networking, or lead generation. How about learning from the best?

LinkedIn is the primary platform for professionals and B2B brands to promote their presence, network and discover new opportunities.

It’s no surprise that B2B marketers use it as their first option for content marketing and we’re not expecting any change soon.

How B2B brands excel on LinkedIn

Many B2B brands have created a great LinkedIn presence, helping all of us to follow their path and inspire more brands to explore their potential, by becoming creative and authentic. Even the most boring field can offer great opportunities for unique content and this was a great lesson to learn from these cases.

Feel free to check my analysis of 8 brands (including Adobe, Microsoft, GE and others) on ClickZ.

How B2B brands excel on LinkedIn

I was also honoured to see this post featured in LinkedIn’s own Marketing blog¬†among the best posts of the week. This means that LinkedIn encourages this creative use of content from B2B brands and these examples can certainly help.

What I’ve learned from this post (and its success) was that more and more brands are eager to explore their unique voice and social presence, but they are sometimes unable to do so, due to their self-imposed limitations, whether it’s their field, their management, or their idea on how their content should be.

My only advice would be: think outside the box. Stop thinking of the limitations, think of all the opportunities you may discover once you step out of what’s expected from your brand and your field.

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