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7 February 2015

How Shakira Conquered Social Media

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Here’s why her likes don’t lie!

How Shakira conquered social media
Shakira is a worldwide famous pop singer with a big fan base that recently increased at an impressive rate. Shakira is among the artists that used social media in a successful way, gaining new fans at an amazing rate.

What’s the secret?

Many celebrities try to take advantage of the massive use of social media, but not anyone is able to succeed in their management. Shakira and her team analyzed perfectly the needs of their audience, experimenting with new ideas, creating a solid social media presence. There’s no big secret on the successful social media management, but on the contrary, there are several reasons that your social media management may be insufficient.

How Shakira conquered social media

Shakira is currently busy with:

  • A new single
  • A new videoclip
  • A new album coming up soon
  • The TV show “Voice” that she’s mentoring new artists
  • Her 1-year-old son Milan
  • Her boyfriend and popular soccer star, Gerard Pique
  • Her charitable activities with the Pies Descalzo foundation that she founded
  • Being an ambassador for UNICEF

Is her busy schedule the secret to success then?

A busy schedule doesn’t guarantee a successful social media presence. Just because you have news and content to share, doesn’t mean that you are able to deliver it in the most effective way. It is important to maintain a strategy that will bring the desired results, which is the increased reach of the ‘brand’ named Shakira in this case.

How Shakira conquered social media

Turning an artist into a brand

Artists are nowadays turning into brands, with digital marketing being an important part of their promotion in general. Since everyone is using social media at an extensive rate, you know that your target audience is waiting for you to reach them. Thus, Shakira is no more just an artist, but also a brand name that needs to be promoted accordingly, in order to gain new followers and increase her album sales.

Content, content, content

Every social media manager acknowledges nowadays the importance of content. Whether it is a blog post, a new picture, a video, a song teaser, or a gift, it’s all about content. When you have to promote a new song, album, TV show, fragrance, and of course yourself, new content is always welcome. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas and don’t forget to be consistent.How Shakira conquered social media

Be authentic

Shakira, and many other artists, use social media in a way that combines heavy promotion on their upcoming work, but also moments from their everyday lives. It’s the ideal way to become personal, stay authentic and prove that you don’t need paparazzi, especially in the era of selfies. A candid picture of a celebrity eating ice cream, or waking up without make up is usually more engaging than a cover of a new album. Can you understand why?

Keep your audience in mind

Shakira started by producing Spanish speaking records in South America, until she ultimately became internationally acclaimed with English albums. However, as she mentioned lately on Latina:

“The relationship I have with my Hispanic fans is very deep and intricate. It’s like a 20-year marriage, but with a lot of passion, with a lot of sex. There’s mutual understanding and trust.”

And she proves it with all her updates that are posted both in English and in Spanish, in order to maintain the engagement in both languages. This is a smart way to maintain the loyalty of your early audience, but also attract a bigger one.

What’s next?

2014 will be another busy year for Shakira and we’re expecting even greater things on her social media presence. She is already among the most popular celebrities on social networks and her rapidly increasing stats will soon be widely discussed as another successful case study on proper social media usage.

Did you know: Shakira gained during the last week of February 805.679 new Facebook fans, with a daily growth of 115.396 new likes! *

*Source: PageDate

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