Tereza Litsa

28 December 2015

Instagram Is The Secret Weapon To Your Social Media Strategy

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Grab the power of Instagram and boost your brand’s social presence!


Instagram has turned into a very powerful social marketing tool, combining the visual domination with its popularity, allowing us to use it both personally and professionally in many creative ways.

Its easy interface, the endless filters and the rising number of addicted users make it a great platform to use for your brand, provided that you follow its rules. Actually, we are talking about the unwritten rules that every user follows and your brand should follow even more carefully.

How interesting is your brand?

Instagram is not about boring and predictable content, but rather about unique, creative and appealing images (and videos). There’s no need to use it if you’re feeling out of new ideas regarding your brand.

Stop talking about your product

Instagram users hate promotional material, especially when produced in the traditional way of marketing. In fact, social media users in general are already tired of the old-fashioned way of marketing your products. It’s time to find a way to allow your content to speak on its own, to describe your product, to appeal to new users and tell the story behind your brand. Even if you decide to use Instagram ads, make sure you’re not ‘intrusive’ to the users’ feeds.

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Think like a user

Sometimes all you need to do is leave behind all these ideas shared by other business owners and think like a user. Actually, think like your target audience. Try to analyse your ideal target group, narrow it down as much as possible, and think of their needs, their likes and their dislikes. This will surely save you a lot of time!

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Invest in high quality content

Instagram is all about visual content, which means, there’s no place for mediocre images. Forget the memes and the low quality images and try to use the best possible content. After all, this would be the first impression for your brand!

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Attach your content to your culture

Your content is nowadays the ambassador of your brand. Make sure it is related to your company’s culture, your story, your beliefs, your goals, and of course, your professional attitude. Every image could be a piece of your brand!

Keep a plan

It has happened to all of us. The sudden success of a post makes you reconsider your current strategy, or even worse, you start posting pictures and videos with no actual plan in mind. Even though this might work for a while, you need to set a long-term goal and this requires a content plan for each social network you’ll be using, including Instagram. Even if it’s a simple content plan describing the type of images you’ll be posting each week, it will still help you to have a clear outline of your week/month in advance.

Be spontaneous

Most of us love having a plan in mind when posting for our business, but since we are all humans, we have the right to be spontaneous from time to time. In fact, we are expected to do so! Did you come across a great picture that would suit to your brand? If you don’t feel you’ll regret if afterwards, feel free to post it! Is there a breaking event that could be used in any way by your brand? You just found a great way to reach a bigger audience! Always be prepared (yes, that’s ironic) for a sudden change of plans!

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Study hashtags

Instagram hashtags may lead to the increase of your audience, provided that you invest time in studying them. There’s no need to use 40 hashtags in a row on each post, hoping to gain more likes. Your goal is not (only) an increase in likes, but also an increase of followers and possibly to customers. Do a research on relevant hashtags to your brand and in just a few minutes, you’ll be led from one hashtag to another to a whole new list of them! Save them and use them appropriately from now on!

Include your audience to your content strategy

User-generated content is more popular than ever and users love posting their images online. Many brands love finding content through their users, as this allows them to:

  • Find new content
  • Make their audience feel included

How about encouraging your audience to use a customised hashtag when uploading images that are relevant to your brand with you rewarding (and reposting) the most popular ones afterwards?

As you can tell, Instagram has turned into an effective social platform, with many brands flocking to grab new followers. If you feel that your brand may benefit from Instagram, and you have an adequate amount of visual content available, then don’t hesitate and try it out! If you already use it, what else would you add to the list?

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